Things to do in Pittsburgh with Kids - Part 1 of 4

 A few weeks ago, we went on a little end of Summer road trip to Pittsburgh, PA.
We chose Pittsburgh because it was somewhere we have never visited before and it is only a six hour drive from us, so we could make it a weekend trip.
We went on our first long family road trip this past May to Tulsa, Oklahoma that you can read about here and here.

It's amazing how excited the kids get when we tell them we're going to be going on a road trip.
 They are almost better behaved on a long road trip then on a short trip down the road to a grocery store haha
I love that they are developing a love for travel at such a young age.
I find they learn SO much on our travels, that they would never learn about otherwise and really take it all in.

One thing the kids LOVE to see while travelling are bridges.
They are fascinated by them, so I knew they would fall in love with the Andy Warhol bride in Pittsburgh.
I was in the arts program at my high school and learned a lot about Andy Warhol, so I was really looking forward to seeing this bridge as well.
Pittsburgh is also home of the Andy Warhol museum, which we unfortunately did not get to visit this time around.

On one of our walks, Luca loved looking at all the locks on one of the Pittsburgh bridges.

While we didn't end up seeing any sports game on our trip, we made sure to stop by the stadiums and tell the kids all about Pittsburgh sports teams.
There was a Pittsburgh Steelers game going on during our trip and Luca got so excited seeing all the people on the streets wearing black and yellow.

We were blown away by the beauty of Pittsburgh. 
I really had no idea it would be so incredible driving up to the look out points.
The last time I had been so high above a city was when Louis and I went to Italy back in 2008.
It was incredible to drive so far up and look down on the city.
Only Audrey and I ended up looking out over the city while the others (who have fear of heights) waited in the car.

I plan on doing a Travel Tuesday series over the next few weeks to share more about our trip to Pittsburgh as there is way too much to share in just one post, so look for Part 2 of the series next week where I share about our trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum - which happens to be right next to Federal Galley - the restaurant pictured above that you MUST stop at while in Pittsburgh. 
They offer a ton of gluten free/vegan options as well which was great since Luca eats a gluten free diet.


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