With Easter right around the corner I thought it was about time to do some sort of Easter activity with the littles.
I have to admit, I really dislike dying Easter Eggs so that was out of the question.
Something I don't dislike is Frozen Yogurt.
Which is why I was more than excited when I saw Walmart Canada post a picture of EggCicles.
I knew I had to make these with my littles so I made a trip to walmart to buy the ingredients and got right to it!
They are super easy to make, super healthy and super fun to Eat!
The kids couldn't wait for Daddy to get home and tell him all about their special Egg Popsicles!

Recipe below.

Plastic Eggs
Egg Carton
1 1/2 cups Great Value Frozen Sliced strawberry & banana 
3/4 cup Great Value Plain Yogurt
1 cup milk
1 Blend ingredients in a blender.
2 Transfer to bowl. 
3 Spoon mixture into both sides of egg.
4 Place in egg carton and put in freezer until set.
5 Lick. 



My days are spent waving to "vroom vrooms" from the window,watching Elmo and listening to my sweet 4 year old sing every song from Annie over and over and over.
Sometimes I find myself thinking that my days are wasted.
I think of all the things that I could be doing that I'm not.
I think of all the money I could be making.
All the vacations we could be taking if only I was out doing more, being more.
I know I'm not alone in my thoughts because I talk to other stay at home moms who feel the same way as I do. 
Desperate to feel that what we do all day is of importance and not just a waste of time.
I often wonder that if it weren't for social media would we still feel this way?
I love social media because it is basically my sanity and support group when I'm having a bad day but sometimes I think it can have a very negative impact.
When I became a mom in 2009 I soaked in every second of being a mother, good and bad. 
Now I find myself lost in the moment, comparing myself to the other instagram moms and losing what is really important to me and my family.
For us that is me being at home with my children as much as our finances allow.
We talked about this before we had kids many times.
If we were going to start a family I would be the one to raise them, so why is it now I'm feeling like I should be doing more? 
Why do I feel like just being Kelsey the stay at home mom is not enough.
I should be Kelsey the mother of three, small business owner, cake baker, car pool driving mother right? 
I need to remind myself what is really important to me and my family and if that is just me being present with our children, getting down on the floor and playing barbies that's okay because that is what works for me and my family.
So just a little reminder to all you mothers out there who question if what you are doing is enough, it is.
If you are listening to your heart and doing what is best for you and your family it is enough.



Although it may feel like the never ending Winter for us here in Canada, Spring weather is right around the corner.
The lovely people over at the Honest company are offering my readers 

Balancing it all .... An Update & some words to other overwhelmed Mamas

Some of you might remember back in June when I wrote a post titled Balancing Act.
I wrote about how overwhelmed I was feeling and how I basically didn't have it all together.
That post is one of my most viewed posts on this blog and I have to think that the reason it is read so often is because many other women feel the same way I was feeling when I wrote it. 
Looking back now I was actually way more overwhelmed than I had even recognised at the time and
I'm so happy I wrote that post because it made me reevaluate some things and really change my life around and I know you can do the same.
Of course as a young mother to three littles I still feel overwhelmed at times but nothing like I was feeling back in June and heres why.

I Let go of the guilt 
When I wrote the Balancing Act post I was feeling really guilty.
Why was I not enjoying every single moment of motherhood? 
Let's face it, every mom experiences mommy guilt at some point.
Maybe you feel guilty you can't afford to throw that over the top pinterest birthday party that your daughters best friend had, maybe you feel guilty that you enjoy being a working mom, maybe your a stay at home mom feeling guilty for not working outside of the home,or maybe like me your feeling guilty that not every second of motherhood is sunshine and roses. Whatever form of guilt your feeling Let it Go. Seriously mama's - take Elsa's advice and just let it go. It isn't doing anyone any good and you are doing the best you can and that is enough.

I don't let the mess get to me
This one is admittedly harder on my OCD husband than myself but I've learned to live with the mess and almost enjoy it. Kids are messy - lets all accept this and move on.
Of course we should be teaching our littles to pick up after themselves but I promise you there will be toys on the floor and crumbs in the kitchen 90% of the day and that is Okay.
Our kids are growing so fast and I'm told that one day we are even going to miss this mess.
So look around at the mess and instead of feeling frustrated that your house doesn't look like a page from House & Home Magazine embrace it because this won't last forever.
I wrote a post on my messy house here.

I Stopped trying to do it all and let go of perfection
It is not possible to do it all. 
There are simply not enough hours in the day.
Your kids don't have to go to a playgroup every day, you don't have to look like your about to attend a Hollywood event to go grocery shopping and guess what - your not a horrible mom if you don't cook gourmet meals every night for your family.
If you're anything like me your feeling happiest when your kept busy and that is perfectly okay.
What's not okay is when you feel down because not everything is being done right this second and nothing is as perfect as you hoped for.

Surround yourself with Positive People 
Positive Vibes. Positive Life.


The Importance of Dating your Children

Having a big family is something that I've always wanted.
I wanted a house full of littles and knew the chaos that would come with that. 
I often refer to myself as an expert at managing chaos because my life is complete chaos, happy chaos. 
Our life with three littles is busy, messy and loud but it is also full of love and laughter.
Although I love the happy chaos I know that sometimes all of it can be overwhelming.
When our middle child starts having "accidents" when she has been fully potty trained for a year I know that she is overwhelmed and trying to find a way to get my 100% attention.
When our oldest starts screaming and running around after I've asked her not to more than once not to I know she's feeling overwhelmed and trying to get 100% of my attention.
I don't think Luca has quite yet realised that his mommy's attention is never 100% on him because he's too young but I am well aware that my attention is never 100% focused on any of my children and sometimes that makes me really sad.
My attention is split between 3 kids, a husband, meal prep, cleaning etc etc which is why I decided one on one time with each of my children is so important.
You always hear about the importance of dating your spouse but very rarely do you hear the importance of dating your children and I'm here to tell you why it's so important.

You get to know your child - really know them. 
I love spending one on one time with each of my children. 
I get to see a whole other side of them that I am usually too busy to see.
When your attention is focused 100% on your child with no distractions its amazing how much your child will open up to you. On our dates I find out whats going on at school, feelings my child has been feeling that I was completely unaware of, there favourite song etc.

It builds Confidence
When your child knows that you are there for them 100% they thrive and become confident in themselves which builds their self esteem. 

It's a great teaching opportunity 
Like I said above, having a big(ish) family is loud.
There are usually at least 2 people trying to talk to me at one time and it can be very frustrating for myself and the people trying to get a word in. When you are on a "date" with your child your attention is 100% focused on them and you can use this time to touch on things that you may not have been able to when you were both distracted. Our oldest daughter has been struggling with being kind to a little girl at her school and we have tried to talk to her about the importance of being kind at home but it didn't seem to be sinking in. Tonight my husband and I took her to the movies to see Cinderella and in the movie Cinderella's mother tells Cinderella to "Have Courage & Be kind". Our daughter asked us about this and we ended up having a great conversation about why kindness is important and where it was used in the movie and how we can relate it to real life and she really took it all in. There was no baby brother crying for Elmo in the background or little sister whining to play dolls. 

It's easy to get sucked into the trap of day to day life of making lunches, dealing with tantrums, wiping boogers, breaking up fights and forget how much fun being around your little ones really can be. On a date with your child you get to see that sparkle inside of them and really fall in love with them all over again.

I encourage all of you to take the time to date your children individually once a month and I promise the results will be amazing.

I'd love to hear any of your successful date nights with your children. 

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