Road Trip

Hello everyone in internet land!
Sorry I haven't been around my little space in the internet much lately but I have been too busy living life!
Last month all 5 of us went on a road trip to Montreal!
I was a little nervous to go on a 5+ hour drive with 3 kids under age 5 but the car drive went surprisingly well and fun was had by all!
I have been asked by a few people to write about some tips on travelling with little ones and I intend on writing a post about that but for now I am sleepy and heading to bed but I will leave you with some highlights of our trip in photos.


DIY Gold Letter

One of the biggest trends we are seeing this Fall is the use of metallics in fashion, design and even food!
I have been obsessing about Gold lately and I wanted to do a super easy project so I pulled out some Gold Leaf, made a trip to WalMart for a wooden letter and Voila! a super easy and cute touch of gold to add to any space in your home.

Apply Gold Leaf Adhesive to Wooden Letter.
Let dry 30 minutes.

Carefully put sheet of Gold Leaf over letter and apply lightly with a paint brush.
Parts of the gold leaf didn't stick but I liked how it gave it a more antique look.




5 years. 
Five Years.
Holy Crap....I have been a married woman for 5 years!!
It really blows my mind when I take the time to stop and think about that!
I have been married longer than even my own parents were married.
Some of my readers have been requesting I do some posts on marriage, which I find to be amusing.
First things first - I don't ever want to portray that I have the "perfect marriage" because I don't.
I don't even think there is such a thing, really.
It is perfect for us though.
We fight, we laugh, we kiss, we cringe, we talk, we yell, we say mean things at times, we hold hands and most importantly we are best friends.
A lot of people ask me how Louis and I manage to find "couple time" with 3 young kids at home.
Truth is....we haven't quite figured this out yet.
If I'm being 90% honest...having our third baby has been our biggest challenge in our marriage so far.
If I'm being 100% honest I think the challenge has not only been adding a third baby in the mix but all the craziness this year has been.
Selling our first house....moving in with my dad...moving into my in laws...etc etc.
It's enough to test even the strongest of relationships.
Between moving 3 times in the past 4 months, work, school, bills, dance classes, play dates, very little sleep and a toddler in the worst of her terrible two's by the end of the day we are both exhausted.
I honestly can't even remember the last time Louis and I had alone time and I think right now that's okay.
Yes couple time is so important and well deserved but I also think that where we are right now in life  is not going to allow us that couple time we so badly crave.
I know that in a couple of months we will be in a better routine and we will have that couple time again but for now we find other ways to keep our relationship strong.
I think the best thing to keep your relationship strong while having young kids is to be realistic.
You have to accept that you are no longer going to have that carefree life you had before you had kids and that's okay.
That doesn't mean you should push your relationship to the back burner - not at all.
Your kids are here because of the love you share for your partner and it is important for both yourselves and  kids to see a healthy relationship.
Do we get to go out to dinner and movies whenever we want? No.
Can we book a last minute flight to an all inclusive trip like our married friends without children? No.  But that's okay.
We find other ways to keep our relationship strong.
We communicate - always.
Sometimes we don't communicate in the prettiest of ways and as an outsider it may look like we hate each others guts but that's just part of us.
We are usually pretty brutally honest with one another.
We laugh.
Louis is usually a pretty shy guy but he has this really funny side to him that sometimes makes me laugh so hard I feel like I may just pee myself.
We understand.
This one hasn't always been easy for us but we understand each others needs and wants.
Louis is someone who is perfectly content going to work, coming home to be with his family and playing a bit of guitar every now and then.
I, on the other hand, love being with our family of course but I need nights out every now and again.
I like being social and going on coffee dates with friends or a girls night etc.
It took me a long time to stop pushing Louis to go out with his friends more because I realised that would be like him telling me to not go out when I wanted to and that wouldn't be fair.
Do we drive each other nuts? Absolutely.
But we are also nuts about each other.
I found this quote below on pinterest and I am lucky enough to say my husband is my best friend.


First Day Of Fall

Sunday was the first day of Fall.
One of my favourite fall traditions is going to the Brooks Farm Fall festival.
We have gone every year {except one} since I was pregnant with Emma back in 2008.
We had no plans on Sunday so we decided to bundle up our little ones and head to the farm for some Fall fun.
We didn't even realise it was the first official day of Fall until they announced it at the Farm.
The girls loved watching the pig races and eating homemade donuts while sipping on warm apple cider.
We were planning on apple picking as well but our trip got cut short by one extremely overtired 2 year old.
{see photo of an embarrassed daddy carrying said toddler below}
Audrey was the most well behaved kid until a few months ago and I often used to brag that I thought she was going to skip right over those terrible two's - boy, did I jinx us. Lately she has been known to throw the most embarrassing of tantrums.I think while all the other 2 year olds were starting their terrible two's she was sitting back quietly observing how to perfect them so she could be the most terrible by 2.5. She's one smart cookie. She has been saying the most mean, embarrassing things lately too - like going up to other little 2 year olds and saying "I hate you" or "I don't like your hair". She said my personal favourite  last night at dance class{sarcasm} calling a little girls dad "that little grandpa" - I could've died! I try so hard to teach her to be nice to others but I think the more I discourage the mean words she's been saying lately the more she does it - I think I'm going to try the ignoring the bad behaviour and praising the good and hopefully it works!
Anyways, here are some photos from the Farm.
Hope you all had a great First Day of Fall :)

Check out our photos from Brooks Farm Fall Fun Festival 2012 here and here

Mommy Crush Monday {Kaitlyn}

Happy Monday Everyone!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Emma started Italian lessons Saturday morning while Louis, Audrey, Luca and myself had a visit with my mom followed by a back to school shopping spree with Grandma Jan and Grandma Norma.
Sunday was the first day of Fall and we took the kids to Brooks Farms for their Fall Fun Festival.
{Will post pictures of that in another post}
Today is a special Monday because it is Emma's first PA day and we get to have her home with us for one extra day :) We are babysitting a friends daughter and Emma has Hip Hop and Tap class tonight! 
 I am also so excited to be featuring Kaitlyn from Wifessionals on my blog today for Mommy Crush Monday. I have been a follower of Kaitlyns blog for about a year now. She is expecting her first baby very soon and has lots of great tips on her blog for expecting mamas.  

Ryan and I got married back in June 2012. We immediately had to pack up our life in Nashville and move out to Arizona for the Army. Once we got out there, we had SO much time to spend just the two of us. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Ryan is a few years older than me, so he always said he would love to start a family as soon as I was ready. By the end of the summer we agreed just to "not try to not get pregnant". A little while later we did get pregnant, even though it ended in a miscarriage. The next six months were very emotional as I always thought that getting (and staying pregnant) would be super easy. During that time though Ryan and I enjoyed all of the time we had together just being a couple. We travelled a lot and ended up moving for the Army AGAIN, this time to Colorado. I am so glad, looking back now, that we had those extra six months in between my pregnancies. It gave us a lot more time to grow as a couple and do alot of fun and memorable things.

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant?
I actually had just gone upstairs to take a quick pregnancy test one night before we went out to grab some drinks. I had taken one a few days before and it said negative so I really didn't think I was pregnant. But just to be safe, I wanted to test before we went out. Ryan was downstairs reading. I always had a million different Pinterest ideas on how I wanted to tell him, but as soon as I saw the lines I started screaming his name and that I was pregnant. We were shocked and couldn't believe it. We had lost our first pregnancy about 6 months before and had become really discouraged since we hadn't been able to get pregnant again. It was definitely very exciting.

How has your life changed since being pregnant?
Life has definitely slowed down. We used to be go, go, go...but now some days I am so tired that I just want to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Especially now that we are coming to the end, I would rather just stay at home and hang out with Ryan rather than go out and be around a bunch of people. I think it's because I know we have very limited time before it's not just "the two of us" anymore.

What are you enjoying the most about being pregnant?
I think the coolest thing about being pregnant is when you can feel the baby move. No one else will ever feel your child move like that, not even your husband. I also enjoy how nice everyone is to you - like at the airport, they gave us priority boarding and special seats when we got to the gate once they started chatting with us and saw I was pregnant.

What do you miss the most about life before you were pregnant?
I really miss being able to do everything I was able to before pregnancy. Ryan has to help me with my shoes or getting certain pairs of pants off. I can't exercise or go hiking like normal. And I REALLY miss non-maternity clothes. Fall is my favorite season so I am hoping I can get back into some of my clothes before the season is completely gone.

 5 pregnancy must haves
Click here to see Kaitlyn's pregnancy must haves. 


Fall Favorites - Mama Edition

The mornings are starting to get really chilly here & I am loving it.
A few days ago I put together a post on baby boy fall fashion and today I want to share with you a few of my fall favorites.

My Fall Favorites
4. Loafers
7. Lana Del Rey music

A few things I am looking forward to this fall....
Apple Picking
Family Photos
Crisp Air
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Nature Walks
Cozy Outfits

What are some things you are looking forward to this Fall?

Gourmet Hot Dogs Mr. Mazzone Style

Gourmet Hot Dogs 
hot dog
hickory sticks
bbq sauce

Barbeque Hot Dog & Toast Bun
Put Hot Dog In Bun
Add BBQ sauce 
Sprinkle Hickory Sticks On top 


Mommy Crush Monday {Kirstie}

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today for Mommy Crush Monday I would like to introduce you to Kirstie - military wife & new mama of baby Isla. Kirstie is married to a guy that I knew growing up and after we got to chatting I found out she grew up down the street from me most of my childhod! Small world!

I first met my husband, Steve back in grade eight. Little did we know, but we both had a crush on one another but never had the guts to tell the other how we felt. Fast forward a few years and Steve finally asked me on a date. Two years later Steve proposed and we got hitched the next year on July 31st 2011.
            Life without baby was much different (obviously). We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and spoiled ourselves with dinners out and entertainment. I always had baby fever, but we knew it was never the right timing to start trying for one. Steve was a reservist in the military for years and finally started his application to RegForce a year after being married. We agreed that once he was accepted and we moved into a bigger place, we would start trying. Little did we know, as his application was being processed, we found out we were pregnant with baby #1 without trying. Two days later he was accepted to RegForce. Talk about perfect timing!
            Life as a military wife and mama hasn't been the easiest road. Steve was moved to New Brunswick at the beginning of February and after months of waiting, I was finally moved near the middle of May. Being pregnant without your husband is something I can't put into words other than "hard". I am so grateful things worked out and he was with me for the end of my pregnancy and to witness the birth of our beautiful daughter, Isa, who was born August 4th at 2:03am weighing a whopping 8lbs 3oz.

 How Has Life Changed Since Becoming a Mama?
Since it's just my husband and I living in the East Coast without any family, life has definitely gotten way busier! It's been hard getting through the first month doing this soley by ourselves, with the exception of grandmas help for the first week (Thanks for flying out, Mom!). I can't imagine my life without Isla. It's amazing how much you can love somebody.

What Does a Typical Day in Your Life Look Like?
Busy! Feedings, diaper changes, laundry, frantically cleaning the house before time runs out, finding time to feed yourself, challenges like moving Isla while she's sleeping without waking her up... The list goes on! Now that my husband is on course and I'm all alone with Isla, it's an even bigger challenge finding time to look after myself. I certainly give single mamas the utmost respect.

One Thing You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Becoming a Mama
 It's okay to admit you need a break. As much as I love my little girly, I try too hard look and act like I'm some superhero who never gets tired. Take a break when you need it. Even if it means five minutes to breathe.

Your 5 Baby Must Haves
Receiving blankets! You can never, ever have too much. Bassinet for the first few weeks home. Getting in and out of bed was hard the first few weeks, so I loved knowing she was right there and I could just lean over and look at her/pick her up without a painful effort. As much as I hate to say it because I always thought it was a little ridiculous; nursing pillow. I've been using regular pillow because I refused to put a nursing pillow on my registry because "I can just use a pillow", has been a little more challenging to hold her up properly. A car seat/stroller combo is wonderful! There's nothing better than just clicking Isla out of the car and right into the stroller. Lastly, rocking chair! Nothing is better than rocking your little one to sleep and cuddling with them in that chair. I absolutely love mine!
What is the Best Parenting Advice You Have Been Given?
Take what advice you want and let the other advice go. During pregnancy, I had advice coming in from left to right almost constantly. Although some of it was pretty good, most of it was obvious and we had heard it 50 times already. It's okay to make your own mistakes and learn from them! Now that we're parents, we almost prefer to learn things as we go - except for those nights when it seems like Isla won't stop crying. Then grandma is on speed dial ;)

What Do You Most Look Forward to as a Mama?
I can't wait to teach her things! I can't wait to see who she becomes. To see her talents fulfilled and used. We can't wait to teach her about God and loving life and people. Tell her she's beautiful each and every day. Raise her to be loving and respectful of her body (especially with today's "role models"). To take her to Disney. To see her grow and mature into a confident, beautiful woman. To help her through her first heartbreak. To shop for her wedding dress and to see her marry the man who couldn't picture his life without her. Most of all, I most look forward to loving her more and more each day.


A few of my favourite things....Bath Time Essentials

Having a baby can be overwhelming.
During my first pregnancy back in 2008 I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the selection of baby items available.
I have had a few pregnant mamas asking me what some of my favourite or essential baby products are so every week I will share with you some of our favourite baby must haves.
Today I am sharing with you our favourite
Bath Time Essentials.

Safety 1st Comfy Bath Centre
This bath is so simple and affordable and we love it!
With our first baby we spent an insane amount of money on a baby bath spa and it was basically just a waste of space.
Sometimes simplicity is key.
Live Clean baby Soothing Relief Body Wash
This stuff is the BEST!!
It smells AMAZING and is made from 98% plant ingredients - no nasty chemicals for baby and it is hypoallergenic!

Perfect size to wash baby's teeny body.

Live Clean Baby Lotion
Just like the body wash - this stuff is the best smelling lotion around!
I use it on myself most times too :)
Again - it is chemical free!
I put it on Luca after every bath.

Hooded Towels
Hooded Towels are a must after baby's bath time!
Their little heads get cold fast.
Our first two girls were bald but Luca has a teeny bit of hair and this brush is so soft on his head.
Love it!
How adorable is this?
I know it's a storage bin but we use it as a laundry hamper - that's still storage right? :)
After Luca's bath we throw all his dirty stuff in.

What are your favourite baby bath time essentials?


Baby Fall Fashion

Fall is my favourite time of year.
Apple Picking, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Cool Crisp Mornings
What's not to love?
What I love most about Fall is Fall Fashion.
I don't care how warm it is in September - I am pulling out my fall boots and cozy plaid button ups.
This year I am so excited to be shopping Fall Fashion for my first little boy.
I can't count the amount of times I was told while I was pregnant with Luca that dressing boys is not as much fun as dressing girls.
I am finding the opposite!
I am having a blast picking out Luca's wardrobe.
Here are some of my latest buys.

Hat & Mitts - H&M Baby
Striped Sweater - Baby Gap
Skinny Jeans - Zara Kids

Yellow Rain Jacket - Baby Gap
Ramones Long Sleeve Tee - Zara Kids
Light Gray Jeans - Baby Gap

Striped Long Sleeve Tee - Joe Fresh
Yellow Skinny Jeans - Zara Kids


Luca Henry 2 Month Update

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