What Pinterests me Lately

Just like every other breathing woman I am Pinterest Obsessed.
Here are some of my favourite things on Pinterest lately.

This Lana Del Rey quote.
I am pretty much just Lana Del Rey Obsessed.

This rustic repurposed sink.
In love.

This beautiful gallery wall.
Love the gold letter.

My husband works in the door industry and he is always telling me about beautiful doors.
Here is a door that is truly beautiful.

Front entrance organization.
Simple and effective.
Love it.

Baby Toms.

I adore the simplicity of this look.
Perfect for days you don`t feel like doing your hair.

Adorable place setting for a Fall gathering.

Love this makeup for Halloween - I think my kids would be scared of me though.

I can`t say how much I love this quote.
I plan on framing this for Luca`s nursery.

What are your favourite things on Pinterest lately?


Flashback Friday - 7 weeks Pregnant

I was clearing out junk in my computer when I came across this ``vlog`` from when I was 7 weeks 6 days Pregnant with Luca. This was supposed to be posted to my blog when I was 12 weeks pregnant to announce my pregnancy. I had planned to `vlog`` about each week of my pregnancy..never got around to that...oops...so here it is much much later.
                                                                                 Enjoy :)

Mommy Crush

When I was thirteen I remember one of my favourite things to do was go to the mall or movies with friends and crush on cute guys. We would put on our lipgloss and tightest jeans and try to find ways to talk to them {usually the more outgoing friend of the group would yell "we think your cute" while the other group of girls blushed in embarasment and if we were lucky we might get there msn messenger contact.
{remember msn guys?}
I met my husband 3 years after my innocent crushing days at age 16.
Fast forward 7 years and I am crushing all over again - this time a new kind of crush.
Mommy Crushes.
When I became pregnant with my first child at age 19 I knew my life was about to change forever.
I knew it would change but I also vowed that I wouldn't lose any friends because of this life changing experience.
I had no idea how much my life was about to change until our daughter entered this world.
Suddenly I was one of "those" moms who basically forgot how to talk to other people without using "mommy words"
{breastfeeding, poop, colic, fussy, milestone etc.}
Mama instincts kicked in and I knew I couldn't be doing the things other 20 year olds were doing as I had a huge responsibility.
This unfortunately meant losing quite a few friends that first year of being a mom.
Enter the "Mommy Crush".
What is a Mommy Crush exactly?
It's not sexual but it is deffintily an attraction {mixed with a bit of envy and admiration} of another mom.
You know - a crush on one of those moms who you look at and think
"How the hell does she leave the house with 2 fashionable well behaved kids looking amazing herself" kind of moms.
In that first year of being a mom I found myself feeling somewhat "alone".
I craved conversation with other moms the way I craved Harvey's Poutine while I was pregnant.
I remember going out to the mall  or park with my daughter in the stroller in hopes there would be another mama there who maybe had the same parenting views as I did or dressed their daughter the same way I would dress mine.
Someone I could talk to who would understand being excited that baby converse shoes were 50% off.
It's a funny thing becoming a mom.
You crave someone else to talk to about all things "mommy".
You also crave to be inspired by other moms.
To find a mom who inspires you to get out of that spit-up stained track suit and messy bun and get your ass out of bed and head to a mommy and baby movie date.
Mommy Crushes help you remember that once you become a mom your identity isn't lost - it just changes and you can still be beautiful and fun while talking about dirty diapers.
Look around next time your out at a mall or a park.
Mommy Crushes are happening everywhere.
It looks a lot like a guy picking up a girl at a bar with a one liner like
"Have I seen you before?"
Moms have pick up lines too like
"How old is your little one?"
"I love your daughters hat...where did you get that?"
These are all opening lines in hopes of gaining a new Mama friend.
Someone you can share poop stories with, someone who understands why your running half an hour late and show up with spaghetti sauce all over your t-shirt.
I  may have closed a chapter in my life and lost a few friends when becoming a mom but I was also lucky enough to meet a couple of Mommy Crushes who have become life long mommy friends.

My current Mommy Crush - Miranda Kerr


My Smart Hands - Baby Sign App Review

I am currently on maternity leave until May but when I am not on maternity leave I work in a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. A few of the individuals I work with are unable to communicate through speech and can only communicate using sign language. Unfortunately, I do not know ASL (American Sign Language). There has been a few times when these individuals reached out to me using sign and I couldn't help them because I couldn't understand Sign. I have said on more than one occasion I wish there was a simple app that I could use to learn sign.
When our second daughter Audrey was around 10 months old I started hearing a lot about baby sign language. Every mom with a baby seemed to be talking about it. I wanted to try it with Audrey but thought it was too late as she was already saying some words. When I became pregnant with Luca I started looking into baby sign language again and came across Laura Berg on Twitter. Laura is the creator of My Smart Hands - a program to help parents teach their children ASL and communicate with their children before they can even talk. I had the opportunity to Review her app for the IPad or IPhone and jumped right on it. The App is amazing. I wish I had heard of it when I was working. It is very simple and user friendly and I can't wait to start using it with Luca in a few months. It is basically a dictionary of words and when you click on the word a video pops up showing you not only the sign but how to do them and remember them. It is organized either in alphabetical order or in categories. There is also an option to save your favourite words for easier access.
The app is $2.99 in ITunes but I am giving away the app for free to 2 lucky readers.

Ways to earn an entry:

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Leave me a message below and let me know how you entered :)


5 Years

                         Happy 5 Years to Us

                   5 years ago today we became husband and wife.

                             3 Kids and a Dog named Miley later and
I am just as crazy in love with you as I was when I was a 16 year old hormonal teenager.

We have a real forever kind of love and I am so grateful for you everyday.

You are the best friend and husband I could have ever dreamed of.
Remember when everyone told us we were too young to be so in love?
Looks like we are still proving them wrong.
You are the only man who could ever put up with my crazy self and our children are so lucky to call you Dad.
Your big heart makes me smile everyday.
Even in my lowest moments you still manage to make me feel like your princess.

Here's to a lifetime of pure love and chaos :)

Thank you for giving me the most beautiful life.

Luca Henry One Month Update

So I am just a tad late on this.
Luca turned One Month old on July 25, 2013.
                                           Can't believe he is almost two months old now!!
                                                            Time slooooooow down.

Preparing for Kindergarten

In 2 short weeks our oldest daughter Emma will be going into her first year of school.
She is really excited to start school but naturally she is a little overwhelmed.
She has asked me questions like
"How will I know how to do homework?"
"Who will help me when I need help?"
"How will my food get to me at school?"
I've been searching like a mad mama all over pinterest, facebook and parenting magazines for tips on how to be as prepared as possible for school and I came up with 5 important steps to take before heading off to Kindergarten.

Establish a good bedtime routine
All mama's know that all hell can break loose when a child is not on a good bed time routine.
Usually in the summer months your little ones have been staying up later than usual so it is very important to start getting them back into that regular routine so they get a good 10 hour sleep at night. They will be playing and learning all day so they are going to be tired even with all that sleep. I suggest starting at least 2 weeks before school starts. If your child's bedtime will be 7:30 start the first few days putting them to bed at 8:00, then 7:50 and so on so its a gradual transition they won't even notice. It is also a good idea to start leaving their school clothes out the night before to get them into this habit.

Establish a good morning routine
Start waking up your kiddos at the same time they will need to wake for school at least a week before. I know this seems so unfair to take away that extra week of sleeping in...but it is essential. Practise with your child putting there own clothes on (including buttoning up their own pants etc.), eating breakfast and getting out the door by a certain time. I even suggest walking with your little one the same way you will walk to school in the morning. If you aren't in walking distance practise walking down to the bus stop.

Serve lunch at home in lunch containers
The week before school start serving your child's lunch in their lunch containers and lunch box they will use for school. It's a fun new exciting way for them to eat lunch and this way they are getting used to opening all their containers etc. It is also a great way to see what they like and don't like sent in their lunch boxes.

Visit the School
If the school allows, go for a visit or two to the school. Your child will be much more comfortable on that first day if they are familiar with their surroundings.

Attend a Preschool
This one is so so so important. We started our oldest in preschool when she was 3.
They prepared her for school and she had so much fun while doing so. Within the first 6 months she knew how to write her name , follow direction, interact with others, change her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes etc.

What are your tips for preparing for school?


Who we are listening to lately

When you are a young married couple with three kids under the age of five sometimes it`s easy to lose focus on yourselves as a couple and focus only on the kids or work or how FRIGGING exhausted you both are. One thing that really connects Louis and I is music. Maybe that's because we met at one of his shows back in his rock star days and before we had kids most of our spare time was spent either going to his practise's and shows or watching other bands play. Now that we are parents of 3 little ones we may get to 1 or 2 concerts a year. On days when we have a 4.5 year old drama queen in the back of our minivan screaming that she needs a new lip gloss because we just don't understand that the one that she has isn't sparkly enough and a newborn screaming bloody murder while our 2 year old is crying to us that "Luca crying, Mama - Luca crying, Mama - Luca crying, Mama" you just need a good song to turn on loud and feel somewhat human again for a couple of minutes. Louis is usually the one buying new CDs. He gets all excited like a kid on Christmas morning when he buys a new CD. Oh, the things that excite you when you are a parent.
Here are some bands that we are really loving at the moment.





What bands are you digging lately? 


Luca Henry

                    Luca Henry
                  June 25,2013
                       7:15 am
               7lbs11oz. 20 inches

On June 24,2013 I went to the hospital with bruises on my Arms from scratching so hard. I had been the day before complaining of a horrible constant itch all over my body. They ran some blood work and said I probably was developing cholestasis. They also noticed my platelets were low and to come back should I have any bruising or bleeding. When I can back because of the bruising on June 24th around 11:15 pm the nurse said the dr probably wouldn't look at me but they would hook me up to monitor anyways and ran some more blood work. Everything with baby looked great but my platelets had dropped again so the dr came to see me and said they would  probably induce me that week ( I was due July 5th ) He asked if anyone had done an internal on me yet this pregnancy, when I said no he said he would do one. Turns out I was already 4.5 cm dilated and he did a stretch and sweep and said he would just keep me. Around 2:30am on June 25 I was brought to a birthing room. By 4am I was contracting every 5 minutes on my own. 4:08 am the dr broke my water. Got an epidural around 5am. They told me to rest and at 7:06am they came to check me to see how dilated I was. I was fully dilated but The hospital was really busy and they told me they would wait to get me to push. Not even 5 minutes after the nurse had left the room I have to call her back because I can feel the baby's head coming out. Luca Henry was born at 7:15 :) he stole my heart instantly. He is a month and a half old now already! His sisters adore him. He is the best sleeper out of the 3. We are so blessed. 
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