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Join Team Get Up & Glow 

Team Get Up + Glow is looking for inspired & motivated women who want to join our team and help make women feel confident and beautiful!  

About the Seint Artist Program:


Why join Team Get Up + Glow?

We pride ourselves on being a community of women who are here to lift one another up + be each other's biggest cheerleaders. 
When you join Team Get Up + Glow you not only are saying YES to an amazing business opportunity, but you are saying YES to being part of a sisterhood of like-minded women. 
It's so much more than just makeup! 

We are a team of 585+ women and I absolutely love helping women crush their goals! 

You'll also gain access to:
  • An amazing onboarding website that covers everything you need to get started in this business.
  • 1:1 Mentorship with me { a top 0.01% leader in the company }
  • Colour Matching Support + Training 
  • Team Events { virtually + in-person } 

SO, How Do I Sign Up?!

To become an artist, simply click the link above and select your artist kit! 
It has EVERYTHING you need to launch your business and more! 
Once you sign up, you'l be able to earn FREE product each month! 
{ Ps - The Artist Kit is a tax write-off! Woo hoo! } 

The Basic Kit is available in both the USA + Canada { $199 USD | $279 CAD }, and the Pro Kit is available in the USA for $399 USD.

Signing up is SO easy! It takes about 5 minutes of your time! I suggest using your First and Last  Name in the "store name" field when enrolling. After signing up, expect an email from me within 48 hours.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly on IG: @kelseydianeblog or shoot me an email at to discuss further! 



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