Meet Southwestern Ontario's Millennial Entrepreneurs

 Last week, I went on a road trip to Southwestern Ontario for a little girls getaway.
While in Windsor, ON I had the opportunity to meet a few local Millennials who turned their passions into booming businesses.
I came home that week feeling so inspired by the people I met on this trip, that I had to come home and share their stories with you.
I hope that this post inspires maybe even just one person to go after their dreams and make a living doing what they love.

The first millennial entrepreneurs I met on our trip were Danielle Chevalier & Chris Mangay, owners of Urban Surf &

Danielle & Chris have brought a California vibe to Windsor, ON. 
 The first thing you'll notice at Urban Surf is how chill and down to earth the staff are.
Everyone is SO lovely and immediately makes you feel like your amongst your best friends.
Urban Surf offers water sport rentals (canoe, kayak & SUP) between the hours of 9am - 6pm everyday and one hour SUP (stand up paddle board) fitness classes for $25 on weekends. 

Danielle, her husband Chris and three daughters (13yo Rya & twin baby girls) live on site and they are serious #familygoals.
How cool is it that they are able to make a living spending time together as a family doing what they love?!
After meeting them, I may or may not have gone home and told my husband that he needed to quit his 9-5 job asap so we could pursue a family business together.
 If you are in the Windsor, ON area you must make a stop at Urban Surf!
I have plans to head back with my family later this summer.

For weekly schedules, special events & more click HERE

The next millennial entrepreneurs I met were Benjamin Leblanc-Beaudoin and Ginette Tremblay, owners of Iron Kettle B&B.
I'm gong to warn you, the story of how they came to own this business will melt you.
Ben & Ginette stayed at the Iron Kettle B&B on their wedding night back on July 27th 2013.
A few months after their stay, they found out the owners were in the process of selling it. 

Ben, a chef who can be seen on Chopped Canada and Ontario's Southwest Next Stop Taste Video Series, got the idea of purchasing it with his soon to be wife and the rest is history! 

Combining his culinary skills and her eye for design they run the most charming B&B Southern Ontario has to offer! 

To book a stay at the Iron Kettle click HERE

How To Get Kids Glasses for FREE

Both our oldest and youngest have been wearing glasses since before the age of two.
A couple weeks ago, as I was standing in line with my son at Canada's Wonderland, a lovely woman started talking to me about her son who also wore glasses.
She asked the usual questions - how long has he been wearing glasses? Which Dr does he see? etc etc.
Then she asked me the one question that no one had ever asked me before.
 She asked me if I knew about the Loblaws Kids See Free program. 
Kids can see FREE?!
She explained to me that Loblaws offers this amazing program where kids can get one pair of glasses a year between the ages of 4-10.
I couldn't believe I had never heard of this program before!!! 
My daughter is 8.5 and has been asking, no BEGGING, us for a new pair of glasses for quite some time.
She is at this age where she is starting to care about her appearance, and she was outgrowing the style of glasses we had purchased for her a couple of years back.
Having three young kids with only one full time income means we are on a pretty strict budget, so unless her glasses were broken or lost, we had no plans to replace them - until we heard about this program.
In order to get a FREE pair of glasses your child needs a prescription no older than 90 days old and  has to be between the ages of 4 - 10.
Simple as that.
We purchased our daughters frames at Zhers but you can stop any Loblaws owned Optical centre.
The frame must have a value of $49 or under and Emma actually chose an adult frame, so we just paid the difference.
This post is in NO way sponsored.
I just know first hand what an expense glasses can be for young families and wanted to share and help others like that kind lady at Wonderland did for me.
You can find your neasrest Loblaws location HERE



On My Playlist - Top 15

**This is a sponsored post which means I was provided compensation and/or product for this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. **


I was going through the blog archives, and came upon THIS post from 2012 where I shared what music I was into at the time.
One of the things I love so much about music, is it's amazing ability to evoke such vivid memories of the past.
Clicking the music videos in that post brought me right back to that period of time.
To me, music is the closest thing we have to a time machine.
 Obviously, I am a huge fan of music - so I thought it would be fun to share with you what's currently on my playlist.

On My Playlist

Sudio Headphones
My favourite way to listen to music is under headphones.
This way I can get completely lost in my music.
Right now, I'm obsessed with my Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones.
My favourite thing about these headphones is that they are wireless with 24 hours of continuous playtime.
I usually listen to music at the end of the night as I'm laying in bed, or when I am working out - and the last thing I want to worry about is an annoying cord getting in the way.
You can also get interchangeable caps to change up the look of your headphones.
Use Coupon Code: kelsey15 for 15% off

I love discovering new songs and artists and would love to hear what you are currently listening to in the comments below.



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